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How To Revive Your Water-Damaged Gadgets

Because water and electronics don't mix
by Elijah Mendoza | Jul 4, 2012
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The rainy season can be such a big pain in the behind, especially when it comes to protecting our gadgets from its wrath. Sadly, we're not always successful in doing so. To help you save on repairs, we've searched the interwebs for some home-grown solutions for your wet woes.

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Rice therapy

You should have no problem finding some. Rice absorbs moisture, and it works great with small gadgets like phones. According to a blog post from ZDNet, your gadgets could return to proper working order in as little as two hours, although we'd go beyond that just to be safe.

Dip in alcohol

Not your kind of alcohol but the disinfecting kind in green or white bottles. Alcohol displaces water and dries faster. Make sure to follow these steps (via Fiscal Geek) to avoid any screwups:

  1. Remove the battery from the device. This is critical, and do it as soon as possible. Even if you are not going to follow this technique, this is your best chance for gadget survival.
  2. Find a container slightly larger than the device that will hold liquid.
  3. Remove battery covers and other compartments so you can be sure to get into all areas of the gizmo.
  4. Place the item in the container and fill with alcohol, completely submerging the gadget. The alcohol will displace any water left in your device. Jiggle the container around a bit to make sure the alcohol is able to drive out the water droplets. You may need to weight your device to keep it under the water. I would suggest a 5-minute period of soaking. You can vary the time based on your results and optionally repeat this step if you are not successful.
  5. Remove the gadget and put it somewhere to dry for an hour or two. The alcohol will evaporate very quickly, but be sure it’s really dry. Q-tips are helpful as well to make sure you’ve got the item clean.
  6. Reassemble your gadget, and hopefully, you are good to go. If not, you can repeat this step.

Blow dry

Probably the most obvious solution of all. Make sure that you go easy on all plastic components and other parts that will melt with extreme heat. The only problem here is what if your blow dryer got wet too? Disassemble everything and leave it to good old Mr. Sun.

Brush away

Once dry, there's bound to be a few traces of gunk and debris inside your gadget. Take no chances. Clean them with a non-abrasive brush. Soft paintbrushes are the best, floor scrubbers not so much.

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Do you have other tips you would like to share? Post them in the comments section below.

Sources LifeHacker, ZDNet, Fiscal Geek

Disclaimer: Extent of damage to electronic devices may vary. The tips mentioned above are merely first-aid measures to help revive water-damaged gadgets and may not in some cases. If you are not 100% sure, please visit your nearest electronics-repair shop.

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