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Megapixels Are Overrated: 9 Camera-Enhancing Phone Features

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by Neps Firmalan | Aug 6, 2013
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Today's smartphones can do a bunch of things, including the ability to capture those Kodak/Instagram moments. However, the current sentiment is that, despite advancements, our dear handsets are still not at par with dedicated cameras and DSLRs. 

But is it a deal breaker for those who rely solely on their phones for all their snaps? Not really. Because, as the new features and hardware below suggest, the gap is closing really quick. Handsets can now do much more than take grainy selfies. And no, we' ain't just talking about the oft-mentioned (and frankly gasgas na) "higher megapixel count" pitch.

Instead, here we have a slew of features that enhance the power contained deep within your phone's camera. 

1. PureView low-light tech


An upgrade found on Nokia's latest Windows 8 smartphones, the PureView low-light feature allows for better, well-lit shots under low-light situations compared to other handsets, thanks to its ability to take in more light with every snap. Yep, no need to activate Night mode and/or the flash with this one.

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Best for: Those dilim moments when taking a mala-Blair Witch docu seems appropriate

Notable bearers: Nokia Lumia 920 and 925

2. BSI

top camphone featuresThe Starmobile knight---a smartphone with BSI

No B.S. buddy, BSI also makes your camera better. It stands for Backside Illumination, and like Nokia's PureView low-light tech, it helps in producing better shots under low-light scenes.

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Best for: When you're afraid that using flash might result in washed-out images

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