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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Has Landed!

A new galaxy for Sammy's vast universe of gadgets
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 4, 2013
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samsung galaxy 8.0 launch philippines

As if saying there are still not enough gadgets to spend your moolah on, Samsung has just unveiled yet another device that should put local geeks on buying alert mode.

Say hello to the newest Galaxy on the block, the Galaxy Note 8.0, a device that possess some of the best mobile hardware known to man. It's also quite a complicated machine, which we'll discuss in a bit. First, a video!

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Wild video there (lame attempt at a pun, we know)!

Anyway, the Galaxy Note 8.0's arrival had actually been foretold many times during the past few months. The latest addition to Sammy's Galaxy Note line of devices is not a phablet, which was the case for the first-gen Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note II. It's a true-blue tablet, if we're basing it on sheer size alone. It boasts an 8-inch touchscreen, making it larger than some of its peers and damn hard to operate with one hand, unless you have palms the size of Shaq's.

samsung galaxy 8.0 side view
Yes, it's much larger than previous Galaxy Notes and smartphones, but what's cool here was that Samsung was able to slim things down with this pup. The Galaxy Note 8.0 measures only 8mm thick and weighs less than 400g, so hindi ka magkakamasel using it.

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NEXT: But it's a phone, too!

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