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Sci-Fi Date Flicks For Romantic Geeks

These movies will stimulate your brain and hug your heart...
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 12, 2013
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It ain't all about time travel, blood-thirsty robots, aliens, and all those futuristic thingamajigs our minds and current tech can only dream of in the land of sci-fi. Sometimes, we find treasures that, aside from stimulating our brains and imaginations, also make our hearts melt with a lot of kilig moments. Here are perfect examples: Sci-Fi flicks with prominent romantic plots or subplots that should do well as date movies for lovestruck geeks or anyone looking beyond the cliche Romeo and Juliet affair.

Check them out below (warning: possible spoilers ahead).

1. Wall-E


The lovers: Wall-E and Eve
"Aww..." angle: Wall-E and Eve are both robots, but their similarities end there. The former is a garbage and waste collecting machine tasked with the shitty job of cleaning a dirty Earth. The latter is a sleek-looking robot with advanced features. Against all odds and their differences in tech, the two fall in love, showing us that buckets of bolts have hearts, too. That despite them almost not being able to mutter a complete phrase to each other.

2. Bicentennial Man


The lovers: Andrew and Portia
"Aww..." angle: Now this will either be really romantic or downright bizarre depending on how you look at things. Andrew, a robot initially made for housekeeping, falls in love with a human named Portia. The two even decided to get married! Too bad though that society doesn't recognize their union as legit since Andrew's not human. At first, at least. As the story ends, you'll see that this one also merits the saying "good things come to those who wait."

3. Avatar


The lovers: Jake Sully and Neytiri
"Aww..." angle: In a far-away planet called Pandora, inhabited by 10-foot tall aliens called the Na'vi, a paraplegic ex-marine named Jake Sully joins the "Avatar" program. There he operates and takes on the form of a biologically-altered Na'vi-human hybrid to explore Pandora. Jake then encouters a Na'vi native named Neytiri who, at first, feels iffy but then grows comfortable with him. Long story short, the two fall in love and even, um, do the deed, ET-style! Now we leave it to you guys to imagine how alien sex looks like but, suffice to say, this one's a love story that's literally out of this world!

4. The Time Traveller's Wife


The lovers: Henry and Clare
"Aww..." angle: Henry, a librarian, is your average Joe, except that he suffers from a genetic disorder that makes him involuntarily travel through time. In one of his "jumps," he meets Clare who becomes the love of his life. The two goes through an extraordinary journey filled with unique hardships no other couple will encounter. Despite Henry's sickness and the mind-splitting dilemmas it produces, the couple endures.

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