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The FHM Throwback Machine: Our Favorite Sega Genesis Games!

We revisit an old console friend and celebrate its 25th birthday!
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 21, 2014
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We momentarily put down our imaginary PS4 controllers and super-fancy gaming mouse to travel back to a time when our favorite controller was this one:

That, as fellow gamers would know, is the controller of Sega's second home console, the 16-bit Genesis or the Mega Drive in Japan. It celebrates its 25th anniversary this month, having been launched back in August 14, 1989a full year before its biggest rival, Nintendo's SNES, arrived.

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Nintendo, thanks to its Family Computer, had the lion's share of the gaming market in the late '80s. But that soon changed when the much-respected Genesis came into the picture. It had school boys erupting into recess arguments, thus creating the first truly memorable console war: Genesis Vs. SNES.

We won't be reviving the rivalry because we've come to the conclusion that both were really pretty awesome. Instead, for another round of FHM MAKES YOU FEEL #TANDERS, we take a look back at our favorite Genesis games! 

Below are nine titles that we either begged our parents to buy or borrowed from a Genesis-gaming buddy!


What is it: The most violent thing we saw as kids 

Why we got it: Because it was the first game we had to play away from the eyes of our parents. That gave it an edge. It was also cooler than the SNES version of the game, which showed no red blood due to Nintendo's insistence on family-friendly entertainment. 

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Fun fact: The original cast of actors who lent their moves and likenesses to the videogame had a reunion last July 2014 in Illinois, USA. They still look like they can perform fatalities.

Throwback theater:


What is it: A basketball game that defied the laws of physics

Why we got it: It let us channel our desire to be a god of slammajammas and lets us set the net on fire with extreme, high-rise throwdowns

Fun fact: The game's famous "Boom! Shakalaka!" celebratory phrase was first used by '60s funk band Sly And The Family Stone in their song "I Want To Take You Higher."  

Throwback theater:

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