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#MakeItHappen: Senate Wants 10Mbps Minimum Internet Speed In Pinas!

If ever this becomes a law, its proponent, Senator Ralph Recto, will win the "Favorite Lawmaker of Pinoy Internet Addicts" award!
by Neps Firmalan | May 31, 2014
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Senator Ralph Recto is obviously gunning for the "Favorite Lawmaker of Pinoy Internet Addicts" award. That or he's just hella frustrated at our usad-pagong online speeds, like the rest of us.

After filing the Free Metro Manila WiFi Act of 2014, which aims to turn huge areas of the city to giant Wi-Fi hotspots, the politician has filed another bill that will surely make local geeks happy. It's called the Senate Bill 2238, a.k.a. Bilis Konek Act of 2014. Its aim: require Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the Philippines to offer a minimum Internet speed of 10Mbps. Yebah!

slow internet philippinesYes, this deserves a slow clap. May standing ovation pa!

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“The national march towards a broader Internet or Wi-Fi access should be in cadence with a decent Internet speed. Aanhin mo ang Wi-Fi kung puro ka naman antay?” the amiable Senator said. We whole-heartedly agree, especially since playing YouTube clips often feels like driving through EDSA during rush hour: slow and utterly frustrating.

The bill will grant the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) the power to require local ISPs and telcos to provide Internet speeds of at least 10Mbps for mobile Internet and double that for home broadband connections. Compared to our sluggish 3.6Mbps national average, that’s super fast!

So, what will this speed increase give you? Faster surfing times, duh! To put that into perspective, a 10Mbps connection will enable you to download a 1GB file in just around 14 minutes. Compare that to the over two hours waiting time for a 1Mbps connection many of us are currently stuck with and you’ll know why we’re downright egg-zoited!

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slow internet philippinesFaster Internet = less fat geeks going into a rage

“This bill recognizes the importance of high-speed Internet connections in increasing productivity and the growing demands for connectivity,” Senator Recto adds. We understand. We could just imagine how much better playing World of Warcraft and DoTA business relying on the Internet will be if your glorious bill is successfully turned into a law dear sir. We promise to never call you Mr. Vilma Santos again if this indeed happens! 

Better shape up, local ISPs and telcos! If things go our way and this bill gets the go-signal, the law will be on your tail. So why not prepare now and start showering us with faster speeds, yes?

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