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Sennheiser Gives You The Right Momentum For Your Ears

Better audio more colors!
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 18, 2013
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Because there can never be enough good cans for your ears, Sennheiser has come up with a new version of its popular MOMENTUM headphones—splashing it with new colors and making it a wee bit smaller.
Check it out below:

sennheiser on ear headphones philippinesAvailable in pink, blue, green, ivory, black and brown...for the fashionista in you

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Looking like something we really want to make yabang with in public right there. Sennheiser's new MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones comes with a minimalist design that gives it that modern-look, perfect for urban-dwelling peeps who want to have a pair that looks good. It's also made with top-notch material, including what is called Alcantara which is highly valued in the fashion industry because of its mix of suppleness, durability, and the comfort it brings.

sennheiser on ear headphones philippines

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But of course, what's more important is the audio quality it's able to deliver, and we're told the MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones performs nicely in this department. Packing 18-ohm transducers, it's able to deliver full stereo sound with ample bass and clarity that even the weaker, higher notes can be heard no problemo. And since it's an ear hugger, you've got instant noise-cancellation! Hayup!

As an added bonus, it also has handy external buttons (on the headphone wire) that lets you control music playback. Too bad this feature seems to only work with Apple's iDevices. Still, better than nothing, right?

Sennheiser's new MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones is set to sell for P11,299. Not exactly cheap but it should make more wallets happy compared to its older bro that costs over 5K more.

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