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'Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash' Is Your New Wet And Wild Favorite

This third-person shooter promises buxom babes and some water gun sopping action
by Peejo Pilar | Nov 1, 2017
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If you’ve heard of Senran Kagura, then you’re familiar with the wonderful and naughty world of sexy shinobi. This time around, game publisher Marvelous and developer Tamsoft take a huge roster of female characters, give them an assortment of water guns, and some potentially hentai level cutscenes of their bikinis and swimsuits melting away. This is something that you probably should never play in front of your kids, your girlfriend, and most especially your wife. 

There are single player gameplays (Single Splash), Multi-Splash 5VS5 online-multiplayer battles, and even a Co-Op Survival, where players are thrown together to protect a tower from waves of enemies.

Your bikini drenching arsenal consists of different types of water guns with their own set of abilities. Each water gun has two modes the player can switch between. There are also melee moves that cause a lot of damage and have some form of knock-back power, but they are quite difficult to pull off. 

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What most players will probably aim for is to execute a Drenched Power-Up and a Kunekune Finish. This is the time when you can rip away either the top or bottom of their bikinis with the force of your water gun. Yes. But don’t get all too excited, there are little shiny censor spots to cover up the “essentials”.

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What makes Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash interesting, besides the obvious sexiness of the shinobi, is the character customization through the use of equip cards that come in three types: weapon, skill, and companion cards.

Obviously, this shooter is meant for a more mature market. The sexy scenarios, the wrestling-against-gravity-and-physics-boobs, and the eyebrow raising voice acting and expressions, are all meant for some cheeky, raunchy fun. 

For more of Senran Kaguraplease grab a copy of FHM's November 2017 issue, available nationwide.

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