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The Internet's Mega Mash-Up Of The Week: Sesame Street Fighter

What happens when you combine Sesame Street and Street Fighter? Well, what else but this quirky typing game!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 11, 2014
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The collective pool of human creativity fostered by the Internet has pushed us to the edge of coming up with new ideas. Anything cool or unique you ever thought of doing, someone's already done it. Anything awesome that you think you can do the best, someone can do it better. That's the Internet for you, folks.

So people now resort to other ways of being creative. And by this we mean mash-ups that you never thought would be possible.

Here's an awesome one: Sesame Street Fighter, an online typing-fighting game, inspired by Deviantart artist gavacho13's rendering of a poster featuring Street Fighter/Sesame Street characters.

Not only is it an ultra-clever portmanteau of the pop franchises Sesame Street and Street Fighter, it's also the only thing in the world where Ernie and Bert can beat each other up with fireballs.

It's two of our favorite childhood things (if you were born in the '80s at least) COMBINED. Witness:

Grover as Dhalsim...

Oscar the Grouch as Blanka...

This is Ernie as Ken type-fighting against Cookie Monster as E.Honda...

And where there's Ernie, Bert can't be too far behind, cosplaying who else but Ken's karate buddy, Ryu...

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And proving that Elmo's indeed evil, the red one gets to be Street Fighter boss, M.Bison...

It's okay though, because we still beat him and got this high score below. Beat that, FHM Nation!

Try playing the game yourself here!

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