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ShaqDown: Shaq VS. Zombies!

Shaq and zombies: What more can you ask for?
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 9, 2013
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Shaq is back!

But not on the hardcourt or on a new reality TV show. The basketball legend also known as The Big Diesel, Shaqtus, The Big Aristotle, The Real Superman (sorry, DH12 fans), Shaq Daddy, and Wilt Chamberneezy stars in an all-new smartphone app that made us really, really interested. Called ShaqDown: Shaq vs. Zombies, it's one game filled with macho zombies and all the Shaqtastic smackdown moves the little fan in you desires.

Launched in the on-going Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, ShaqDown is basically a "runner" (a game where the main character runs endlessly) that has Shaq fighting his way through hordes of zombies, which come in different forms.

Shaq's 7'1" frame (scaled down to mobile game size, of course, but he's still one big dude) allows you to just barrel through the regular walkers. However, to beat the enraged zombies, you must make a move called— wait for it—a free throw! Yep, you'll need to get Shaq to consistently do the only part of basketball that he isn't any good at for you to get a high score good enough to brag about with your friends. Great, eh?

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Oh, and you can make him take jump shots, too!

Watch the game's trailer below:

ShaqDown: Shaq vs. Zombies is now available for both iOS and Android devices. You can download the app via Google Play and iTunes for $0.99 (about P41) a pop.

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