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Sharp Aquos LCD TV

<p>Lovely to look at, nice to hold</p>
| Oct 1, 2009
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Many of us don’t have the funds, or even the space for a humongous 52-inch television. But if you’re one to have been blessed with a silver spoon resting in your mouth (or at least a really high credit limit) then congratulations, you can afford the Sharp Aquos LC-52A77. At a price of 175,000 pesos, this TV will let you watch your favorite noontime shows and telenovela in a really epic manner.

Of course, watching shows and movies in standard definition (640 x 480 pixels) isn’t exactly what this TV was made for. This baby is made for high-definition material such as Blu-ray movies, or for playing Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 games. And with its full HD capabilities, fast image response time and good contrast ratio, the LC-52A77 is a visual treat, and one that might just be worth every buck, and every inch it takes in your living room. Again though, if you just want to watch DVDs, and regular television shows, which are rendered in standard definition, then this TV is not for you. Surely, 175,000 pesos is not something to sneeze at, but relative to its other competitors, the LC-52A77 is priced quite nicely. The picture quality it affords won’t leave you feeling like you’ve just been ripped.

Expectedly, the LC-52A77 does not offer the sounds to match its visuals. It tries to cope with its cheap-sounding speakers with SRS Surround technology, but really it’s like hoping that your old Pentium II computer can be optimized to run Vista. It just doesn’t work. If you’ve got the cash to buy this TV, then we don’t see why you won’t be able to dole out the cash for a home-theater speaker system to match the images.

One thing we can’t get over with is the fact that the TV only has two HDMI input ports. At this price, we don’t know why Sharp couldn’t have just latched on a few extra HDMI ports for us lazy-butts who couldn’t be bothered to plug in and plug out multiple HD devices. We could just buy an HDMI switch port that could add more HDMI inputs, but unfortunately we don’t have extra legs or arms to spare.

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