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10 Signs You're Addicted To Clash Of Clans

What's better than Payday Friday? Lootfest Saturdays!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Mar 14, 2015
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Since its release in 2012, massive multiplayer online (MMO) game Clash Of Clans or CoC have been attracting mobile gamers by the dozen. Now, it's one of the most played—if not the most played multiplayer—mobile game in the country.

All you need to enjoy it is a nice smartphone or tablet, a good Internet connection, and the CoC app, which you can download for free, and you can instantly join in on the fun—or the loot, as they call it. Two hours later, and you're hopelessly hooked.

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The game is so popular you can easily spot CoC addicts "attacking" with their gadgets almost everywhere. That guy on the MRT who wouldn't hold onto the hand rails because he's checking up on his dragons, that dude on the elevator who keeps asking his buddy if he can donate some troops later, and that friend of yours who's not even touching his lunch because "there's a war going on."

Yup, they're all CoC addicts.

So if you're wondering or really unsure if you're considered as one, here are the 10 tell-tale signs that you're also a Clash of Clans addict!

1)   You call or text someone just to remind them to attack!

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"Sugod mga kapatid!"

2)   You're becoming less and less active on social media.

Gone are the days where the first thing you do in the morning is check Facebook or Instagram—and you hope no assholes raided your base while you we're sound asleep.

3)   You call people, especially friends, by their clan names.

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"Hey, AngleHeart13! Uy, si NyakisSkills1503!"

4)   Before you go to sleep, you'll take a shower, brush your teeth, fix your bed, and, the most important thing of all, cook those dragons and P.E.E.K.A.s  for tomorrow's battle.

What's better than Payday Friday? Lootfest Saturdays!

5)   Being in a clan never sounded so good.

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"Oh, you're from the Dead_spot clan? Good team, bro!"

Besides your girlfriend's 27 missed calls, this is the scariest thing in the world:

7)   You're always glued to your phone or sneakily checking it out when no one's looking to attack.

"Because time is precious!"

8)   You feel the urge to hug or high-five anyone you see every time you win a battle.

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You've done good. You deserve it!

9)   You're losing sleep because you're doing battles until 4 a.m.

It can't be helped. Someone has to man the fort. And that someone is YOU!

10)   You still deny that you're a CoC addict even if you can relate to all the things mentioned here.

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Give in, bro. It's okay.

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