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Sky Broadband 112mbps: The Country's Fastest

<p>For the geek who has everything</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 6, 2011
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Patience has always been a virtue amongst us, Filipinos. [firstpara]

But if you’re one of those who can no longer stand the traffic in EDSA, can no longer bear queuing up for your NBI Clearance, and has had enough of jockeying for position in the city trains, well guess what, we can’t help you with any of those.

We do have some juicy news for those who crave for a really, really fast Internet connection.

And by really, really fast, we Sky Broadband's 112mbps “Ultra High Speed Broadband” connection.

Holy mother of Gigantor, right? With that kind of connection, you could literally, hoard all the movies, games, music, and porn you could want.

Of course, don’t; that’s illegal. But to give you an idea of just how fast it is, said the “by the time you've finished reading this article, you would have already downloaded 2 episodes of your favorite show... in HD.”   

According to the report by, the said connection registered a download speed of over 100mbps and an upload speed of 5mbps during the live test using Sky’s own tester. It was also tested over at, where the connection also pushed the speedometer to its limit. If we were in a cartoon, the word “TILT!” come to mind.

The connection is so fast as well that loading 1080p full HD clips on Youtube was as seamless as it could be. No buffering, and one could easily skip to any point in the timeline without a hitch.

Having a nerd-gasm yet? Unfortunately (saw this coming, didn’t you?), the plan is not exactly what we’d call budget-friendly, as the monthly fee is a whopping P20,000 per month.

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They reason, the package also includes Sky Cable Platinum and Sky Cable Voice subscriptions as well as your personal tech support crew member who’ll handle your Sky-related concerns. Other UHSB plans available are the Plan 24mbps for P9,999 a month and Plan 48mbps for P12,999 a month, both of which come with the same extras as Plan 112mbps.

Now, suppose you can afford the connection fee, should you run to the nearest Sky center right away? Hold your horses, because the ultra-fast connection is, as of writing, available only in select locations around Rockwell Center namely, the Rizal Tower, the Hidalgo Place, Luna Gardens, Amorsolo Square, Joya Lofts and Towers, and The Manansala.

Rockwell, here we come.


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