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SkyBroadband Goes Ultra-Fast With 200Mbps Service

This is on top of our wish list!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 15, 2012
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As if saying "meh" to the whole LTE buzz, SkyBroadband has just unleashed a new broadband service that will shock your socks off with its speed. Aptly called the "Ultra High Speed Broadband" (UHSB) plan, Sky's new Internet service can go from 0 to 200Mbps with just a click, effectively ending your buffering and downloading woes.

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Again, that's 200-freakin'-Mbps, or double of the theoretical 100Mbps speed limit imposed on mobile 4G. This also means that Sky now has the fastest residential broadband connection in the country. Imagine the stuff you could do with that speed—like the stuff found here!

Still not sold? Here's the clincher: By the time you're finished reading this your UHSB connection has already downloaded a 3GB file. An 8GB movie file? Done in just five minutes! Needless to say, your YouTube and online gaming sessions will be lagless, too! Enter more puyatan nights!

So, how much will SkyBroadband's UHSB cost you? P34,999 a month. Expensive, yes, but that's to be expected. If you want to go cheaper, SkyBroadband offers the following plans at lower but still very fast speeds:

  • Plan 112Mbps - P19,999/month
  • Plan 48Mbps - P12,999/month
  • Plan 24Mbps - P9,999/month

We're told this one will be initially available in different parts of the metro (click here for the list). Here's to hoping the whole Pinas will be covered so our friends in Tawi-Tawi can enjoy it, too!

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