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SkyBroadband is now at 112mbps!

<p>For the first time, giving justice to the term high speed connection</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 7, 2010
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The average broadband internet speed roaming around in the Philippines is only 1mbps, 2mbps tops if you're in a good area.
Techie nation Japan, meanwhile, ranks first in the list of countries with fastest broadband speeds, having an advertised average of 205 mbps overall. You do the math.

Good thing SkyBroadband is finally launching its newest high-speed internet service this month, and it’s a far, far cry from the previous best offers of 6mbps and 12mbps services available in the market.

An internet speed of 112mbps, considered the fastest residential broadband speed in the country, now leads its line-up of new services under the SkyBroadband banner.

What it can do and how fast it can do it is pretty much what this internet connection is about: an 800mb file (the average size of a regular movie) for example would take the regular internet speed hours, if not days, to download.

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SkyBroadband’s epic amount of speed however could have you watching this very movie in a matter of 8 minutes. Which means having a day-long movie marathon would only take you over an hour to download, should you decide to download it separately.

This internet service has also committed itself to a no buffer policy, making sure that YouTube and other videos in its highest definition would be good and ready by the time you click the play button.

Included in the new SkyBroadband package: the recently launched iWantv!, a broadcast service that will allow us to stream live shows on our computer screens at any given place. Channels like ANC, MYX, and ABS-CBN will be broadcast for free.

While this internet service is only initially available to residential buildings in Rockwell, SkyBroadband is looking to eventually accommodate every household and offices that can make good use of its ultra high speed services.

Subscribers can choose affordable plans ranging from 24mbpspackage (Php9,999), 48mbps package(Php12,999), and the 112 mbps (Php19,999). For more information on the SkyBroadband, swing by

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