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Smart Music: Your Key To Legit Music Downloads On The Cheap!

For as low as P15 a song? Gimme!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 12, 2013
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Pinoy audiophiles, here's some more music to your ears!

smart mca smart music philippines
Smart has hooked up with entertainment industry giant MCA to come up with Smart Music. The agenda? Satiate our cravings for digital music by letting you download millions of songs for as cheap as P15 a pop! Huwaw!

With this partnership, Smart Music now also becomes the largest online music portal in Pinas, thanks to MCA's humongous catalog that hosts over three million freakin' songs! This includes tracks from the biggest names in entertainment: Think U2, Black Eyed Peas, Bruno Mars, and, for K-pop-lovin' ladies and gents, even PSY!

Of course, our homegrown musicians aren't left out of the mix, with OPM faves likes Sitti, Pupil, and Urbandub part of the deal, too.

smart mca smart music philippines

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As we've said, music downloads via Smart Music can go as low as P15 per song, but that's normally for older songs; newer releases will cost a tad more at P20 each. Still ain't bad, especially if we compare that to other services like iTunes that charge P30-P40 for each track.

Let us clarify though that this service is exclusive to Smart subscribers. The good thing though is that both postpaid and prepaid users can DL here as Smart Music will charge the costs against your prepaid credits or monthly bill. No credit cards needed!

With all that, we're not really surprised the partnership is being touted as a "game-winner." You can start browsin' and dowloadin' right now (through either your mobile phone or tablet) by visiting

Now if you'll excuse us, we think our "Gentleman" download is already at 100 percent...

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