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Gadget Stars: Smartphone Cameo Roles in Popular Movies

Your smartphone is a certified superstar!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 18, 2013
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In search of the latest, greatest smartphone? Here's a tip: Watch that new blockbuster movie!

It all started with Gordon Gekko and his humongous Motorola Dynatac in 1987's Wall Street. Twenty six years later, the big screen has become a launching pad of sorts for the newest in mobile tech. Only now you'll have to really try to spot 'em to notice 'em
phones aren't exactly worthy of prolonged camera time.

But those few precious seconds (like a Jason "The Blur" Castro drive, only faster) should be enough to make you go, "Uy, ganda ng phone!"
Still, being included in a film is a big deal, not only for the phone and its maker, but also for those who own it. Think about it, how nice would it be to go "Uy, phone ko yan!" when your handset suddenly appears on the screen? Suddenly you're (kind of) popular, all because your parents are rich enough to go buy you a new phone phone's in a movie. Kind of lame, yes, but also a bit cool...

And because we've long considered smartphones as the stars of the tech world (and since not all of us possess the fast, eagle-like vision necessary to spot 'em in movies), we've come up with a list of the eight best smartphone movie cameos. Check them out below to see if you've owned or still own any of them. Who knows, maybe you can use this as an ice-breaker to get that hot female movie junkie talking.

1. Sony Xperia T

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sony xperia t skyfall

Movie: James Bond: Skyfall (2012)

Sony's sleek and sexy Xperia T was one of the main gadgets used by James Bond in Skyfall. We say it's a good match. You've got a smartphone that boasts a macho yet sophisticated look, something that Agent 007 undoubtedly exudes, as well as kickass features--a 4.5-inch display, full wireless connectivity, map services, and a 13-megapixel camera--that he will find useful.

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2. iPhone 3GS

iphone 3gs scream 4

Movie: Scream 4 (2011)

Hayden Panetterie of Heroes fame played the role of Kirby Reed, one of the terrorized teens in the fourth installment of the slasher series Scream. She and the other gruesomely-killed characters in that film had iPhones, and Ghostface's voice sure sounded more menacing in it.

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