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Here's How You Can Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles

A useful guide for FB, Twiiter, and IG users
by KC Calpo | Sep 24, 2017
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Last week, we talked about how to clean up your social media feeds and get some peace of mind. How are you doing so far? No more noise? Good.

Next question: have you thought about what you say and how you act online? Let’s say that maybe, just maybe, other people consider you the source of noise on their feeds. Let’s go for other scenarios. Maybe you forgot that you added your boss(es) and colleagues on online networks not named LinkedIn, so now they see all your NSFW posts. Maybe you posted humiliating (drunk) posts from way back that you wish Facebook’s On This Day feature will never dredge up. Maybe your titos and titas are digging up those old posts and liking/commenting on them, which adds to the hiya factor.

We think we can all agree that doing regular cleanup on your social media accounts is good practice, so you might as well do it right. Set aside plenty of time for this, preferably a few hours, or even a day each for heavy users, just to be thorough.

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Or you could just deactivate/delete your accounts and make new ones, if you’re OK with losing your current username. That takes less than five minutes.


Again, we're starting with Facebook because it’s the social media service with the most (and most confusing) options.

Let’s start with your Friends. We did our own unfriending binge last month, and cut around 50 accounts off our list, with more to follow. Here are our rules:

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1) Unfriend people you don’t know personally, or who have no business being on your list in the first place. Self-explanatory.

2) Unfriend people you met only once or twice, and haven’t talked to (online or offline) since then. If you’re not talking now, it probably won’t happen ever again.

3) Unfriend people whose accounts have been deactivated or abandoned for a year or more. Odds are they’re not coming back to Facebook, so don’t wait around for them like a doormat ex.

4) Unfriend accounts used only for sales and marketing. They’re not your friends. Literal na bebentahan ka lang niyan, bes. One-sided ang relationship niyo; hindi fair sa’yo.

5) Unfriend duplicate accounts. Check which accounts your friends use more often, and keep those instead.

6) Optional: Unfriend exes, flings and “whatevers” you aren’t on good terms with, or haven’t talked to in a while. No point in stressing yourself out, right?

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Then there are your photo albums and videos. Those posts are good for about a month, max, or at least until everyone has downloaded their favorites. After that, everyone will forget about them and feast on more recent posts. So go ahead, delete posts from the ‘00s onward, but don’t forget to download entire albums first, both for backup purposes and sentimental value.

Let’s move on to the rest of your Facebook profile. Go to your profile page, and click on the Edit Profile Page tab on your header image. There, you can edit your Bio, Featured Photos, Intro, and other background information such as Work Experience, Education, About, Current City, etc.

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Now go back to your profile page, click on More, and select Manage Sections. You can choose what and how much info would appear on your profile, and reorder them.

If you have the energy to delete individual old posts, Facebook has another cool trick for you. Scroll a bit down your timeline until two drop-down menus appear on the upper left, beside your name: Timeline and Recent. Click on Recent, and a descending list of years will appear, starting from the current year down to the year you joined Facebook. (The last few years at the bottom are just placeholders for what Facebook deems monumental, e.g., your graduation years and date of birth.) Click on your year of choice, and start deleting individual posts!

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Go back to your profile page. See those familiar three little gray dots on your header image? Click on them, and delve into your Timeline Settings. From here, you can go into general choices like your posts’ visibility and tagging privileges, app settings that share your basic info, public posts settings, and preferences for ads.

(Tip for ads: say no to everything. No, no, no.)

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After that comes all those Facebook Pages you Liked, either by choice or by subtle force. When you use Facebook’s desktop version, you’ll see a super-nifty tool for bulk-unliking pages. On your Facebook home page, click on Pages on the left side of the screen, under the Explore section. Then click on the Liked Pages tab, the third option up top. You’ll see an option called Review Liked Pages; click on Get Started. Select any of the Pages you’d like to Unlike, click Next, and you’re done!

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And don’t forget about a very important Facebook feature: Privacy Checkup. It helps you filter future posts for select audiences, pinpoints specific parts of your profile to keep private, and zeroes in on app privacy—things already touched on above, but it’s also good to see if you have everything sorted out right.

There, you’re finally done. Congratulations! Enjoy your new FB feed and clean profile page.



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Don’t worry, it gets a lot easier from here on out.

First on this list would be your Following and Followers Lists. As we've mentioned before, simply click on either the Following or Followers tab to unfollow, mute or block Twitter accounts. We generally follow the same unfriending rules we have for Facebook, because we like consistency.

Once that’s done, click on the Edit Profile tab so you can change your user and header photo, bio, etc. Maybe take out old baduy buzzwords such as “______ rock star”?

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You should also take a look at your Settings and privacy page, accessible by clicking on your profile photo thumbnail on the upper right. Scroll down until the very end, where you’ll see an option to download your entire Twitter archive. Alternately, go to and click on Request your archive.

Now, for them old tweets. You can go through your entire archive and review every tweet you’ve made from account activation to the present day. But if you are a longtime/heavy Twitter user, this could take you forever in internet time. Third-party services like Cardigan, TweetDeleter, Tweet Delete, and TwitWipe scrub all your tweets, or enable you to select and filter specific tweets to trash. The best part is that you get to keep your Twitter handle, unlike when you delete your account and start a new one. Use any tweet-deleting service after thorough research, and with the necessary caution.

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The same process follows for Instagram, although you’ll have to do this on your mobile app, because Instagram has always been mobile-first.

Start with the basics: cull names individually from your Follower and Following lists, and edit your profile. You don’t have to worry about Instagram stories, since they’ll be gone in 24 hours anyway. Unless someone screencaps it. If so, good luck.

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Take a deep breath, because you’re now about to clean up your own IG feed. Consider deleting time-sensitive posts that have no more value at present (for example, contests/promos). We’d also advise you to delete those retweeted quotes or parinig posts, because OMG you sound like you’re still in elementary school.

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You can also hide posts you were tagged in (or untag yourelf from them) and don’t want to show on your profile. Go to your IG profile and tap on that third icon below your Bio to bring up all your Tagged Photos. Select the photo you want to hide, and tap on the three vertical dots on the upper right. Select Post Options, then you can either Remove Tag or decide to keep or remove it in your tagged photos.

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And you may think it’s useless to tidy up your IG feed when no one goes that far back into your feed. But surprisingly, people actually do that, so it’s best to delete posts you don’t like or aren’t comfortable with anymore.

For old photo and video posts, one way you can do mass deletion without using a third-party service is to scroll through your entire feed on your desktop, and comment on the post you want to delete with a custom hashtag. Then switch to the mobile app, search for your custom hashtag, and delete your hashtagged posts individually.

If you opt to use third-party apps like Cleaner and Instant Cleaner, you can save on a lot of time and effort, not just for posts, but also for Following and Followers’ lists. Although again, use these apps with caution.

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