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HOT GADGET ALERT: Sony's A5100 Mirrorless Camera Now In Pinas!

Sony's A5100 Mirrorless Camera has the imaging chops to be much, much more than just a glorified selfie machine!
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 24, 2014
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With the ascendance of superphones sporting cameras that have more MPs than you have sex partners and the rise of the selfie culture, it seems that dedicated digital cameras have taken a back seat. Be that as it may, camera brands are still churning out awesome shooters.

One such gizmo is the Sony A5100 mirrorless camera, which aside from being mirrorless (more on that later) is also

1)  The smallest of its kind in the world!

2)  According to local tech news site YugaTech, is also officially now here in the Philippines!

Check it out below:

Video via David Lin on YouTube

For the clueless, a mirrorless camera is a device that lacks the mirror mechanism a DSLR uses for its optical viewfinder (the feature which lets you see the image you're about to snap minus an LCD). This feature enables it to be thinner. In the A5100's case, we're talking about a thickness of just 35.7mm, which, in the land of mirrorless cameras, is nothing short of anorexic.

Also, just like DSLRs, mirrorless cameras allow you to switch and swap lenses. This is the reason why they're also called interchangeable lens shooters.

sony a5100 philippines

Now, for the A5100's eye-popping tech features. The device sports a CMOS sensor that boasts of a whopping 24.3-megapixels of imaging awesomeness. Couple that with its BIONZ X image processor and you've got hardware that will deliver stunning images with superb detail even hardcore photogs will be proud of.

The A5100's autofocus speed is also something to brag about. Able to focus and snap away at just 0.07 milliseconds, it has the power to capture biglaan scenes that would otherwise escape the run-of-the-mill camera. Can your smartphone do that minus the blur? We thought so.

sony a5100 philippines

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