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Sony debuts an Android-powered watch

We're beginning to wonder what's next
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 13, 2012
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We've said it before and we'll say it again, wearable technology isn't new. They were debuted on the runway back in 2002 and have appeared in physical medicine journals going back 2005, but it's just now that technology and new materials have been made accessible for consumers. We've seen Google's version that was created, developed and tested in their covert laboratory, Google X. The Project Glass video was pretty cool, we have to admit, if you can admit that it doesn't take into consideration people's different abilities to multitask. Can you use your eyes to look at what your foot's stepping on at the same time as chat with someone? We don't know, but we hope we can find out sooner than later. It sounds like one of the first steps to turning us all into cyborgs.

Sony's getting in on the action too as they debuted their SmartWatch, originally previewed at CES, today. Listed as an accessory to Sony's very own Android-powered Xperia smartphone series, the SmartWatch acts like some sort of remote for your smartphone. Connected through Bluetooth, the SmartWatch can read SMS, calendar reminders, and email on display as well as access social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter (sorry, Pinteresters). Calls that come in through your smartphone can also be received by the SmartWatch and it has the ability to reject or mute these or even let you take it by using a headset.

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This could be helpful for people who constantly need to be online, say startup bosses and uh, tech journalists, but don't want to be bothered with constantly checking their smartphones for e-mail. Imagine just looking at the contraption on your wrist to see if you got any new messages. Probably the best move of Sony so far is to make the SmartWatch compatible with other Android-powered smartphones from manufacturers like HTC, Samsung and Motorola.

According to the Sony website, the SmartWatch will retail for £109.99 or around P7,421. Too much for a remote control, but it is in the range of the iPod Nano which, come to think of it, it looks eerily similar to.

See the gallery below for press photos of the Sony SmartWatch

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