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Sony MDR-1R: The Almost Perfect Headphones

Almost the total package with one minor flaw...
by James Andrei Tan | Sep 4, 2013
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Sony knows music. After all, they own a record empire and invented a little thing called the Walkman back in the '80s. It shaped mobile audio tech and became one of the most iconic gadgets ever (you're not a true-blue '90s baby if you don't have one!).sony mdr-1r philippines                                   We still keep ours in our baul. It's gonna be worth a ton of moolah in 50 years

Here's another proof: the all-new Sony MDR-1R, a gorgeous pair of headphones that looks good and eats loud bass lines for breakfast. We took this audio bad boy for a spin and found out that, well, it's as good as advertised...almost.

When going plastic makes you look premium

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sony mdr-1r philippinesYou'll be the star at the DOTA-han if you wear this

The MDR-1R looks classy and mamahalin enough to score you pogi points even if you just leave it on your desk for the ladies to see. Surprisingly, its exterior is mostly plastic but the whole thing feels sturdy enough to be able to withstand the rigors of travellingespecially that cramped backpack of yours.

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sony mdr-1r philippinesLookin' like a snazzy doc's stethoscope there

The cup holders' texture (those round things that house the speakers) will remind you of your girl's skin: silky smooth. It's also a big reason why the device looks really good. Its smooth lines gently curve around the main speaker housing sphere, giving it an appearance that's both modern and elegant. We're waxing a bit poetic here, we know, but that should tell you one thing: We're impressed with its looks!

For longer-lasting listening pleasure

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Since it's not everyday that we get to use premium cans (we gladly bid a temporary adieu to our creaky run-of-the-mill headphones), we really took our time (read: nilaspag namin) testing out the MDR-1R. We felt "one" with it and it took many hours (around four-to-five) before we felt any hint of ear fatigue or pain.

sony mdr-1r philippinesSynthetic leather for your ears' comfy pleasure

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The cushioned leather cups are softer than your average pillow (and, really, every guy likes soft cups), and at no point did we feel uncomfortable heat. The leather-lined headband also prevented any awkward cold sensations from being feltunlike with other headphones that has it bare. Leather, FTW!

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