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Sony PlayStation 4: The Lowdown

It's now official, and these are the things we know so far...
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 22, 2013
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Don't get too excited, this is only a concept image...

The ball has been dropped, the bomb has been detonated, and one almost mythical device is now confirmed. The Sony PlayStation 4, or simply the PS4, is real and is now official. Sa wakas!

Now we can finally say the wait is over. Well, almost anyway. Sony promises that the PS4 will be out in time for Christmas 2013. That means some mad holiday rush for the successor of the PS3!

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The new console was introduced at an invite-only gathering in New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Wednesday where Sony Computer Entertainment's President and CEO Andrew House said it is the answer to the user’s changing needs and wants. In other words, it will offer next-gen tricks that should induce wet dreams among gamers everywhere.

Man, our little geeky hearts are now racing with sheer excitement! But wait, based on the announcement, what do we really know about it? For folks who missed the big news and want a better understanding of what it will offer, below is a quick lowdown on the PS4. Think of this as a preview of things to come and a push for you to start saving up!

So, what does it look like?

Probably a bit like this: Another concept image from creative minds

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We do not know. Sony has managed to come up with a product launch without actually showing the whole product. Bummer, we know. Only pieces of it were shown, including the new DualShock 4 gaming controller that features an integrated touchpad and dedicated share button. Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, did say that the color and size will look “fairly comparable” with the previous consoles.

What about the insides?

If the PS4 can fry, it will be the perfect gaming buddy! Steaks and games!

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It is powered by an 8-core x86 CPU and has improved graphics processing, which supposedly gives you two teraflops of performance. This means the PS4 effectively carries the system architecture of gaming desktops and has somehow bridged the gap between consoles and PCs when it comes to gaming. The chip supplier is said to be Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., unlike the PS3 that used a chip developed by Sony, IBM, and Toshiba. It is also said to have 8GB of memory and a local hard drive.

Does it have any online features and support?

To be honest, it would've been a bigger surprise if they didn't announce any cloud-related information, especially since Sony acquired Gaikai, a cloud-gaming company, in July last year for this purpose exactly. Anyway, the PS4 carries a specialized processor that speeds the delivery of online games. New technology will also allow you to remotely play games stored in their cloud. And with PlayStation Network (PSN), you can try out games before purchasing them.

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Us when we're debating who's gonna be player 1

With Sony's purchase of Gaikai, a new social-networking service is also being developed that makes recording and posting of gameplay online possible. They are integrating Facebook and Ustream into PSN and the share button on the controller ups the ante when it comes to interacting with your PSN friends because they can now watch you, assist you, or play the game for you.

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