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Sony Releases 3 New VAIO Models

Get your VAIO on
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 18, 2011
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In the same way that Apple has pushed its own products, Sony wants people to think of the VAIO as something that’s more than just a gadget; that it’s a lifestyle symbol too.

As practical consumers though, we have sometimes sneered at such a philosophy: most of us simply want the most bang for our buck, which as you may know can’t always be said with the VAIO; elegance don't come cheap, you know. But know this: when we saw these three new additions below to the family, we can’t say that we weren’t stoked.

In other words, if there’s anything the VAIO has achieved, it’s that it has become the machine that it has always aspired to be: cutting edge both in style and substance, and desirable for the very reason that it’s a little bit out of reach. As Sony puts it, the evolution continues for the brand, and their steadfast dedication to maintain their premium status is admirable. We’ll let you be the judge though, and we’ll let you see for yourself in the gallery below.

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