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Sony Releases New Vaio Models

<p>A great way to burn your benjamins!</p>
| Mar 3, 2011
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Sony Vaio recently launched its Spring Collection. That's right, it seems Sony is following in fashion's footsteps, seasonal collections and all. Which isn't all a bad thing; the new Vaio models are, in fact, very stylish.

But the Vaio's looks are only a pretty consequence to Sony's quest for perfection and impressive accuracy. For instance, Vaio boasts its keyboards, which are slightly inclined to a sleek. While it's easy to think that's all for style, they've put such nuance because it is physiologically good; the incline only follows the natural incline of your hands so that you don't tire easily.

Not too surprising as Sony Vaio has a rich tradition of geekery. Witness: the name "Vaio" actually comes from fusing analog and digital. The "va" part of the name follows a Trignometry curve (do you remember your Sine, Cosine, and Tangent?), while the "io" is their attempt to play with the binary code which is, in essence all ones and zeroes.

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Gah, math. Who would ever think any semblance of style and fashion could come from it? Good thing Sony is there to think such, erm, thoughts.

Enough about math. Check out the gallery to know more about the, ehem, "Art of Vaio."

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