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Sony's VR System, Project Morpheus, Levels Up With Beefier Specs!

This is Daft Punk's kind of gaming gadget.
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 11, 2015
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A year ago, Sony revealed their virtual reality device, Project Morpheus, at the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. Last March 4, Sony reintroduced the world to a new-and-improved version of Morpheus at this year's version of GDC.

Where last year's model had testers griping about the lackluster performance of the product, this year's iteration will be able to win them back thanks to its much-improved features and specs. Sony is currently targeting an early 2016 release in conjunction with the PS4. The electronics giant has also reported that they've sent out the enhanced Morpheus kits to developers for them to tinker around with, and hopefully create, the next great gaming experience.

So what's in store for the rest of us? We know how numbers give you a hard-on so here's a rundown of how Morpheus has morphed over the course of a year!

1)   It has a bigger display.

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Sony has swapped out the old 5-inch LCD in exchange for a 5.7-inch, 1920x1080 resolution OLED display. The monitor upgrade expands the field of view and removes motion blur and flicker. Translation: less motion sickness, more in-game immersion.

2)   It supports smoother framerates.

The new OLED screen isn't only bigger; it also allows the device to support a buttery-smooth framerate of 120fps, meaning it renders 120 images per second. Along with that, Sony announced that All PS4 systems will be able to handle native 120fps output with a system update. With the boosted framerate, your view won't chug around as you move your head left and right.

Sony will also be providing developers with a software development kit (SDK) that allows them to convert content running on the old 60fps configuration to run at the faster 120fps rate.

3)   Improved tracking and reduced latency or lag.

Screencap via YouTube video on The Verge channel

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The PS4 is able to track your head's movement with the help of the PlayStation Camera. To help make the job easier for the PS Cam, the Morpheus headset has been equipped with three more LEDs, bringing up the total to nine. More LEDs improve the system's ability to track your head, translating to a smoother and more immersive in-game experience. 

4)   Usability enhancements

Upon first glance, the Morpheus' visor doesn't look like it's changed much. But on closer inspection, the headset reveals usability-centric enhancements too. The new prototype now features just a single band and a quick release button for ease-of-use. The unit is also said to be lighter, making it easier to utilize for longer stretches of time.

Screencap via YouTube video on The Verge channel

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5)   It retains two intriguing features from the older version: 3D audio support and social screen.

The Morpheus aims to immerse the gamer not just visually but with 3D audio as well. The "social screen" feature has also been retained; a feature that outputs the same gameplay that's within the Morpheus headset to an actual TV so other people can see what you're looking at.

So if you're planning to play "adult games" or watch porno on the VR system, make sure that your room is locked. Twice.

6)   Lastly, it's a VR device that actually looks kinda cool.

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It's straight out of a sci-fi film!

Time to start saving up, early-adopting PS4 gamers!

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