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Sony VAIO Fit 14: 7 Tips To Keep Up With This Sexy Beast

Are you fit enough to use the VAIO Fit 14?
by Lio Mangubat | Nov 17, 2013
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If fit equals sexy (and who are we to argue, not after seeing that Ellen Adarna video), then make no mistake: The VAIO Fit 14 lives up to its name!

Its one handsome machine, and pulling its svelte black body out of your dingy backpacks and laying it out in the middle of a crowded coffeehouse will never get old. Amidst the sea of the friendly off-gray Macbooks that populate your usual caffeine hangouts, the stealth fighter looks of the VAIO Fit 14 really pops out. The matte brushed metal of the exterior and the gorgeous 14-inch touchscreen are enough to ignite some friendly neighborhood gadget vaio fit 14 review philippines

Its ultra-light profile makes it a perfect fit for an on-the-go telecommuter. Just days before this review was due, we turned our smartphones into mobile hotspots and typed up an entire snazzy presentation on Google Drive; downing a cup of overpriced coffee as we resized images, deciphered corporate speak, and did some Facebooking on the side. The ability to tap (thanks to the touchscreen), type, and use a trackpad all at the same time perhaps made us a little more showy than usual, but a machine that looks this good gives you a little more license to look like, yes, a douche.

Still, if you’re dead set on bringing a notebook like this out into the wild, then you better make sure you’ve classed up your act as well. Below are seven tips that will help ensure that you can keep up with your VAIO Fit 14!

1. Lug the charger around

sony vaio fit 14 review philippines
If there’s one major strike against the VAIO Fit 14, it’s the terrible battery life. We could only squeeze out an average of four hours of juice out of this baby. Even turning off the Internet (but running a copy of the Avengers in the built-in DVD player) only netted us five hours. We don’t know about you career drones, but four hours for us procrastinators is just not enough. To get any real work done, we had to carry around the (admittedly light and unobtrusive) charger pack.

2. Update to Windows 8.1stat!

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sony vaio fit 14 review philippines
Our test unit came with the stock Windows 8, and while the Metro user-interface is a gorgeous way to try out the VAIO Fit 14’s touchscreen capabilities, Windows 8.1 just brings so much new tweaks to the table—including the ability to bypass the tiled start screen and boot straight to desktop mode. Metro, we love you, but when we want to get some real work done, it’s straight to the desktop we go! It’s good to see the Start button again, too. Yeah, we’re old-timers that way. Any question on upgrading to Windows 8.1? Click here!

3. Go multimedia mode

sony vaio fit 14 review philippines
As trying-hard media professionals, we liked the software bundle that comes pre-loaded with the VAIO Fit 14. Props to Sony for including two flexible movie editing apps. VAIO Movie Creator is great for casually stringing a biglaan wedding AVP, but we had a lot of fun fiddling with the very robust Movie Studio Platinum. It’s easy enough to get into it if you’ve spent any serious time in, say, Adobe Premiere. If you haven’t been bitten by the movie editing bug, it’s high time you learn—it comes free with the VAIO Fit 14 anyway. On the audio side of the equation, musicians and podcasters will also appreciate Soundforge Studio and ACID Music Studio, features that let you cook up some nasty tunes.

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