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Sony Walkman Turns 33: 5 Reasons Why it Rocked

A true tech icon
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 3, 2012
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Sony’s Walkman just turned Jesus' age! It's now 33 years old. Bet you didn’t know that.

Once upon a time, it’s damn popular worldwide and having one makes you trendy or “in.” Times have changed and even the iPod is now an iTouch. The Sony Walkman, however, remains a definite gamechanger that deserves a special place in tech history. If you still need five reasons why:

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1. Pocket your tunes

A radio and music player in your pocket? "Meh" might be the reaction many of us would give to that thought today but for the kids of the 80s, the prospect of having a device fit your pants' pockets was nothing short of revolutionary.

2. It is the granddaddy of music-sharing

Pair the Walkman with a cassette tape and what do you get? The grandaddy of today's casual music-sharing scene. This partnership led to music junkies spending many swapping sessions before CDs and downloads became popular. Admit it, many of you still remember that giddy feeling you got after pressing play for the first time on a tape you got in an exchange.

3. Its red button

Ah, the red button (or the button that has that red dot on it). It's one of the Sony Walkman's crowning glories, a feature that lets you record tunes on the fly. Want to show off your voice to others and hear their approval? Press and sing. Want to get the latest scoop in an interview and hear it later? You know the drill. Heard your favorite song on the FM radio? Hit the goddamn red button!

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4. It's the perfect companion

The Sony Walkman became popular in a period that spawned some of the finest tunes to ever hit the airwaves. Couple that with its portability and you've got a worthy companion for your alone time back then. Insert the tape, wear the headset, sit back, relax and let audio bliss take over.

5. Choices galore

The Sony Walkman is like a girl---it comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are slim, some somewhat even curvy, a good few are tall or stocky. And, much like the fairer sex, many of its over 300 models found their way to the loving arms of ecstatic men and women.

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