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Jul 1, 2013
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A big-ass 'stache and bulging biceps aren't enough to make a modern man in this day and ageyou've got to have some dude-approved gadgets, too! And we've got one prime example right here: the brand-spankin' new Sony HDR-GWP88 Handycam. Check it out below:

sony hdr gwp88 handycam philippinesLooks a bit different from past Handycams, no?

So what's so manly about this device? Despite its unimposing facade (very much like that nerd that got beaten up a lot in high school), the GWP88 is a tough little bugger, and by that we mean it's waterproof (up to 10 meters or 33 feet), freeze-proof (up to -10-degrees Celsius or any temperature much, much colder than Baguio), shock-proof to five meters, and even dust-proof! You know when they say looks can be deceiving? They might've been talking about the GWP88.

Good luck doing that to your own vidcam

It being almost weatherproof makes it perfect for folks who treat life as one long field trip and the world as a huge playground. Adventure-seeking dudes and gals can take the GWP88 along for any ride and not worry about it succumbing to the elements and the bumps and grinds of a devil-may-care lifestyle.

sony hdr gwp88 handycam philippinesIt's also perfect for the waves, but it won't make you look like Luke Landrigan

The GWP88 can take anything: Take it kayaking down waters as deep as Manila floods; spelunking in some deep, bat-infested cave filled with poo; or rock climbing up an unnamed peak in the middle of nowhere. It won't mindits big-time durability ensures it will continue working even if Mother Nature decides to send a shitstorm your way, or you drop it, you klutz.

So yeah, it's one tough hombre, but what about its video-taking capabilities? Go to the next page, bros!

NEXT: Aside from being really durable, the GWP88 also produces superb vids in HD!

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