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5 Eye-Popping Features Of Sony's New Ultra-Definition BRAVIA TVs

Armed with the pinnacle of boob tube tech, these TVs will make you wish you're filthy rich!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 29, 2014
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We had this reaction when our eyes first feasted on the visuals of a legit 4K TV:

sony 4k bravia philippinesGIF via

You can't blame us—our eyes almost popped out from all the prettiness. Ultra-Definition or 4K after all is four times the resolution of Full-HD, bringing ultra-crisp, cinema-grade graphics right to your crib's living room (or wherever you prefer your boob tube to be at).

But we were left wanting for more. It's too bad 4K TVs are like these awesome date-stinations: too cool, too exclusive, too expensive. Let us put it this way: Have you spotted one today, the past week, or even the past month? We thought so.

sony 4k bravia philippines

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So imagine how giddy we were when Sony Philippines invited us to the launch of their new X Series BRAVIA 4K TVs. Do you remember that funny/happy feeling you had when you were a kid whenever you finally get a hold of a copy of that sexy movie every one is jacking off to  talking about? We were that excited. 

Salamat, Sony! The only problem now is this nagging bitin feeling we have after witnessing the newest Ultra-Definition beastswhich, we guess, is a good thing! We share with you all the awesomeness through the five eye-popping features of these BRAVIAs below!


We've said it once, and we'll say it again: 4K absolutely owns Full-HD when it comes to sheer clarity. Numbers don't lie: 1920x1080 (Full-HD) vs. 3840 x 2160 (Ultra-Definition). Four times the resolution, four times better your chance of seeing minute detail, like drops of pawis or someone's tutsang.

The only drawback? Native or made-for-4K content is still quite uncommon. However, the X Series BRAVIAs can upscale your lower-than-4K visuals to a resolution close to Ultra-Definition. Noice!


Another visually impressive feature, Sony's Triluminos Display is. This is basically the brand's way of saying, "I've got more authentic colors than the competition!" It goes like this: Apparently, these TVs have a wider color palette, allowing them to deliver even hard-to-reproduce shades (e.g. emerald green, deep red). The result: colors that are closer to the real thing.

As proof, which display shows the redder peppers, the 4K BRAVIA (left) or the one from "Brand S"? We leave the decision to your eyes (and your imagination on what "Brand S" is).

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sony 4k bravia philippines


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