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Sony Xperia L: A Weird-Looking Gem of a Smartphone

Another device that impresses, despite a few misses  
by KC Calpo | Sep 20, 2013
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For those who don't want to go panic buying again this year, take a look at the gadgets we've tried out so far this 2013, as they might be worthy additions to your shopping list. We also suggest including the Sony Xperia L: It might not win the Palakihan Ng Ano contest at just 4.3 inches, and it does have a few quirks, but it's great and big in other ways.

Looks with durability

sony xperia l review specs price philippines

Let's get this out of the way: The Xperia L isn't waterproof or dustproof like some of its Xperia siblings (e.g. the acro S, V, or the new Z1). It would've been really kick-ass if it had that kind of protection, but sadly, it doesn't. It's still a sturdy smartphone though, and can survive a few knocks and bumps. Just don't go dunking it into water or bringing it with you to the desert and such. Extra protection's on you, buddy.

sony xperia l price specs review philippines

Another thing it doesn't have is a high-definition display. It might be a no-no for some who wants their phones tricked out, but the screen it's been given does a good job, and to be honest, its HD deficiency is not a big deal at all.

This device is a winner despite these exclusions. And it certainly looks pang-mayaman, not a gadget aiming for the mid-range to budget market. In hindsight, the aforementioned exclusions are a good thing. For one, it keeps the price down (we'll get to that in a bit). And again, our new phones don't need to have all the best specs.

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Going against the design flow

Unlike most of its competition, the Xperia L flaunts an unconventional form: the phone's top and bottom edges are angled, and it also sports a curved back portion. The indicator light at the bottom also changes its color to match the current background color on the screena nice aesthetic touch if you ask us. The plastic back cover has an exterior that's soft to the touch, and the phone does feel nice in our hands.

sony xperia l price specs review philippines

We did find some of the button placements a bit unusual, though. The small round Power button is almost halfway down the side instead of at the upper portion, with the volume rocker right above it. This called for a few awkward moments when we were making kapa but ended up pressing the wrong dials. The micro USB port's also at the left side instead of the bottom. All other parts (3.5mm jack, camera shutter button, front and rear cameras) are in their standard positions.

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