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Sony Xperia T2 Ultra: 5 Buying Tips For Phablet Seekers

So, what do you need to know when shopping for a new phablet? Our time with the gorgeous Sony Xperia T2 Ultra made us realize these useful tips...
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 6, 2014
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For the next entry into our techie gadget reviews bin, we have a device that will make your smartphone look like it needs a box of growth pills.

 Geeks, meet the Sony Xperia T2 Ultra:

This one’s a full-fledged phablet, a six-inch wonder that can make calls and offers squint-free graphics. Despite a name that can get it into our Pun-ny Gadgets Hall of Fame (think about it), we had a grand time playing with it (thanks, Sony!), and with the enjoyment came a few realizations we realized are important for anyone planning to splurge on a brand new phablet.

First of all: Huwag lang bili ng bili. And before you say “Game,” read our five simple but important buying tips for phablet seekers!


sony xperia t2 ultra reviewLarge screens also mean more smudges to blur up your day

We imagine one of the main reasons why you want to go for a phablet rather than a smaller smartphone is the larger display. That’s nice, but we have to warn you: Bigger doesn’t mean better. In fact, it can be the other way around especially if you’re stuck with a low-res screen.

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Let us put it this way: graphics on a 6-inch 800x640 touchscreen will be more pixelated than graphics on a 4-inch display with the same resolution. Simply put, added size will increase the size of individual pixels if the total pixel count remains the same.

Bro tip: For 5- to 6-inch phablets, go for an HD display. It doesn’t have to be Full-HD (1080p). A 720p HD resolution will also provide nice graphics. The good news for T2 Ultra users is that it comes with a display resolution of 1280x720. Plus points for IPS (In-Plane Switching) tech which gave us more viewing angles with minimal loss of quality.


sony xperia t2 ultra review...or else you'll have a slow-ass device that can't run 3D games decently 

Chances are you’re going to use a phablet to enjoy multimedia files. If that’s the case, then go with one that boasts good hardware (read: with specs that you can’t find in feature phones). You’re going to deal with hi-res graphics, apps, videos, and games—all of which call for higher-than-basic specs.

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Bro tip: If you have an HD screen and loads of apps and games, a quad-core processor with at least 1GB of RAM is a safe bet. A multi-core processor will be able to handle the added processing load your multimedia files need while a GB of RAM will do well for your multi-tasking chores.

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