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Sorry HTC users, is shutting down

Time to DL your stuff back
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 28, 2012
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The cloud is where it's at, but we'll tell you where it's not, it's not going to be on because the Taiwanese giant has announced that they are closing down their online service. has provided users with online backup of data on their smartphone, allowing them to remotely wipe the information should their device get stolen or lost, forward messages and calls to another number, and even locate the device by calling it.

HTC is said to be working on making their cloud storage better, but current HTC users can get their information back from by downloading it before April 30, when it officially closes.

We can only guess that they are making way for the release of the One Series, the highly-anticipated Android superphones first unveiled at MWC. Powerful phones need a powerful backup, but more importantly they need a reliable cloud storage system similar to having your Apple ID sync with iCloud.

A recent rumor came out that HTC was planning to buy a streaming music service called MOG. If so, they're really moving into iTunes territory and if there's one thing that Apple has, it's a decent cloud sync system.

This is all just speculation, and we'll be waiting for more news on the next steps of their online services, but for now, if you're reading this on an HTC device, download your stuff  from HTC Sense before it's too late. 

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan
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