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Soundmatters Foxl speakers

<p>Look ma, no wires!</p>
| Sep 24, 2009
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Thanks to gadgets that relentlessly simplify our lives, we now live in a giant hairball of wires. Enter the Soundmatters foxL Mb Personal Audiophile Loudspeaker. This speaker system right here is an A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)-enabled Bluetooth device, which lets you connect your Bluetooth-capable devices (your laptop or iPhone, say) for crystal-clear audio sans the utter ugliness of wires.

[firstpara] The bar-shaped speaker system is quite handy. It's profile and heft require but a single hand and little strength to carry. It has just been recently released country—at P12,000. A bit demanding on your wallet, we agree, but before you panic remember that what the Foxl offers is something you won’t find readily in other devices.

Even a child can operate the Foxl. You simply have to turn it on, press and hold the Bluetooth button for a couple seconds until you hear a beep, that's when it's ready to get chummy with your gadget or mobile device. Its Bluetooth technology has been designed to accommodate both wide audio bandwidth and low distortion, which guarantees high quality stereo music streaming that cheaper wireless speaker setups can't do. Paired with Soundmatter’s proprietary single dome Twoofer (a portmanteau of tweeter and subwoofer), the Foxl is able to give you crisp highs and a booming bass. If the bass isn’t punchy enough, an audio jack is available, which you can use to connect an extra subwoofer.

With a slightly restrictive price, the FoxL might not be for everyone. But serious audiophiles know why the FoxL is still a rocking good choice for a portable speaker system.

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