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Special Force Online

<p>It's a hit-or-miss affair</p>
| Jun 5, 2008
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What's it about:
Hearken back to 1999, if you will, and recall the birth of what was to become the most explosively popular mod for the Valve's seminal first person shooter, Half-Life. The name Counterstrike immediately conjures memories of schoolboys (and girls) racing after class to internet cafes of questionable repute, hunching over before glowing computers in darkened chambers and honoring the timeless tradition of blasting away in their beloved murder simulator of terrorism and gunplay.

Special Force Online is publishing newcomer MicroGaming Technology’s attempt to make the Counterstrike lightning strike twice by offering online play and competition with those spastic chimpanzees you call your friends. Players initially start with a set number of credits called SP, which are used to purchase spec ops soldier avatars and firearms. You then hop into any number of ongoing bouts for a chance at frags, earning virtual dough to upgrade and buy more gear to trick yourself out with. - Ivan Dapul

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