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SSX is Ready to Shred Some Ice

Here's a snowboarding game to get excited about
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 26, 2012
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Yes, it’s back. SSX, arguably the best snowboarding series we’ve ever played, is making a return on the PS3.

Five years have passed since the last game in the series came out, which is just about the right amount of time for us to really itch for a grand, old time slicing through snow-laden slopes all over again. All we can say is that we’ve never been this excited for an “xtreme” game in a long time.    

How long? Well, remember the Tony Hawk games? Those got us riled up pretty bad before, and we’re sure many of you spent countless hours chaining up combos that real life never allowed you to. That was before the publishers decided to milk it dry, and thought it a good idea to release a new Tony Hawk game with little leeway in between. The result: over saturation and general gamer indifference. It ran out of tricks, and we got bored.

Thank God that didn’t happen with SSX.

The PS2 saw three SSX games: the original, and its sequels SSX Tricky, and SSX 3.  Intact are our fond memories of launching up from huge ramps, leaping across immense valleys, pulling off breakdancing maneuvers in mid-air, and shooting through ice tunnels. SSX is not in any way realistic, and that’s what’s so awesome about it. In fact, that’s how an extreme sports videogame should be: more death-defying, crazier and a whole lot more un-fucking-believable than the real thing.

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