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Where Are All The 'Star Wars' Games?

A disturbance in the Force
by Ash Mahinay | May 4, 2018
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We're two movies deep into the sequel trilogy, in the release month of Solo, which is also the second part of a three-piece compilation, and we've got a new Star Wars TV series on the way. But we can't help but feel something is missing: where have all the Star Wars games gone?

Since TFA premiered in 2015, we've gotten LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2016, Star Wars Battlefront II in 2017, and a whole bunch of unremarkable mobile only titles. That's it. And to hype us up for Solo this month an HD re-release of...Star Wars Episode I: Racer has just dropped:

That looks fun tbh

And that just reminds us that the much maligned Episode I got a whole load of dedicated games to back it up–including something like Racer, which is as niche as it can get—but the highest grossing film in the series ever just got a LEGO spin-off and shared screentime with the older movies in Battlefront II. In comparison, the entire prequel trilogy as a whole got a load of titles from the bad money-grab ones to inspired titles like the underrated Republic Commando.

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The original trilogy got an even bigger load of fun stuff like Rogue Squadron (which we all thought was what Rogue One would be about at first).

Okay, the short answer as to where all the games went is because Disney killed off the main studio that produced them, LucasArts, in 2013. They did give us Battlefront II, which is a great game and a good start, but it's still too busy filling the gap between the films VI and VII with its plot. Give us a game where we can fly as a wingman of Poe Dameron and see how he became the bad-ass squadron leader he is, or let us murder innocents as the Knights of Ren, which the films tragically forgot about after giving them like five on-screen seconds total after all that pre-release build-up.

Bro, even Wookieepedia has no info on these guys!

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Heck, we may even like Rose Tico better if we get to do something interesting as her (probably not) and don't even get us started on Captain Phasma. The Star Wars games are an important way for fans to get involved in the lore of the franchise beyond repeatedly watching the films. Video games let us geek out over the ships and weapons, to play out the fantasy of a lightsaber fight or run around as a secondary character while further fleshing out and pulling you deeper into the in-movie universe. The perfect example is how Boba Fett blew up from cameo role into a big part of the series almost entirely off the big screen.

Right now, the new movies lack that valuable back-up plot and lore of other content set in the same time period—games take time to develop so maybe Disney has a grand plan but please don't make us wait until after Episode IX for new games set in the sequel trilogy!

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