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HOT GADGET ALERT: Starmobile's Newest Superphone Is An Absolute Hardware Beast!

Starmobile's new octa-core wonder will make you ditch the idea that locally-branded smartphones are weak and just mere alternatives with a cheaper price tag! <em>#RealTalk</em>
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 24, 2014
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We've grown accustomed to knowing locally-branded smartphones as the cheaper alternatives to the wallet-busting creations of foreign handset-makers. What many of you might be missing though is, aside from having budget-friendly price tags, smartphones from Pinoy brands are now becoming true hardware beasts as well. Skeptical? May we point you to our list of Pinoy octa-core smartphones, Mr. Doubter?

If that's not convincing enough, maybe telling you all about Starmobile's newest superphone will show you we ain't kidding.

Geeks, take a gander at the Starmobile Knight X:

starmobile knight x

Possessing some of the best smartphone hardware known to man, the Knight X will blow you away with its gorgeous array of top-notch features. This beast of a phone has an octa-core processor and a whopping 3GB of RAMa combo that's usually found only in handsets on the highest end of the high-end smartphone spectrum, like the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

All those power translates to faster visuals and apps that you can view on the Knight X's gorgeous 5.5-inch, scratch-resistant display. It's in Full-HD and has IPS (in-plane switching for more viewing angles) tech, too, to give your eyes some real visual pleasure. Just imagine viewing your favorite FHM Girls' gallery and GIF-tastic features with it. It's like...heaven on your palm!

starmobile knight xGIF via

Seriously, it's that purty to look at!

More on the inside: 32GB of internal storage gives ample space for all your filesfrom the useful to the naughtyso you won't need a microSD card. A 13-megapixel camera at the back packs a Sony EXMOR sensor and F2.2 aperture which basically means crisper photos with more detail than those shot with conventional 13-megapixel camphones. A secondary 5-megapixel camera is up front in case you need to make telebabad over Skype.

starmobile knight x

In terms of connectivity, the Knight X also has NFC (near-field communications) for faster wireless transactions (e.g. playing tunes on an NFC-enabled speaker, paying for purchases wirelessly without physical cash). And since Starmobile is also hell-bent on making us drool, the device has 4G connectivity. In other words, the Knight X is an octa-core 4G superphone with NFC and 3GB of RAM! W-H-E-W!

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Oh, it's dual-SIM, too!

Yep, Starmobile has something special here, but the best part of the deal is the SRP. Although the company hasn't released any exact pricing and availability deets yet, they assured as that the Knight X won't surpass the P20,000 mark. Seeing that its predecessor, the Knight, was priced at P11,300, we could be looking at a sub-P15K octa-core smartphone. We don't know about you but we smell a big, fat serving of BARGAIN here!

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