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Starmobile Octa: 8 Reasons Why This Octa-Core Smartphone Is A Winner

We got our hands dirty playing with the octa-core Starmobile Octa. Our verdict? You might just whip out your wallet for it because of these reasons.
by KC Calpo | May 17, 2014
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It's becoming difficult, even tiring, to keep track of all the new gadgets being launched, both within the Philippines and abroad. But we still jump at every opportunity to check them out, for two main reasons: we're suckers for shiny new toys, and we certainly like seeing new and unconventional features being implemented. The more kakaiba, the more kaka-in-love!

As such, we'd like to give a shout out to our beloved local gadget brands. You guys are getting much better with every release, in terms of design, feature options, and performance. This is especially true for Starmobile, and its latest bad boy, the octa-core-powered Octa smartphone, which is also the latest subject of our techie reviewin' chops.

starmobile octa price
And, boy, it sure didn't disappoint!

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Sure, it's not a perfect gadget (but what is, right?). However, there are several good reasons why it might just compel you to whip out your wallet. Check them out below!


The Starmobile Octa takes its design cues from newer smartphones and goes for a uni-body design (read: no removable back cover), giving it a sleek and classy look. Granted, only the front and borders are given the metal treatment, and the back's clad in hard plastic.

starmobile octa priceIt comes in bright red, like the lipstick on a hot chick's lips

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But it's solidly built (save for a few small creaks on the sides), with a size great for pocket storage and one-handed use (a refreshing change from all the phablets we've been seeing lately, like its kuya, the Diamond X1), and that fiery red color really ups the hotness factor. Hey, wearing red works for dating; guess it works in a smartphone hunt as well.

These good looks have a disadvantage though: the Octa can't change clothes, so to speak. You can't change the battery, or put in added phone storage. Once you've reached the limit, that's it, pancit.


starmobile octa priceAnother thing that comes in pairs for the Octa: the flash

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Two micro-SIM cards, that is. Back then, those who used more than one SIM are either extra busy at work, or hiding something from their significant other (stop that, playa!). These may still apply today, but we're also thinking of other reasons: if you exceed your prepaid or postpaid limits, if you have ongoing disputes with your telco, or if you're in a place without a stable cellular or data signal. With the Octa, you'll always have a backup line, and without the hassle of using another smartphone.

It's like dealing with boobies; it's always better to see two and not just one. Same goes for plans. We always love having a Plan B.

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