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Starmobile Turbo: Our Speed Tests Show It's A Speedster!

This Android KitKat-flavored goodie didn't disappoint in the <em>pabilisan</em> department!
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 28, 2014
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A gadget's name is an important part of its packaging. However, we've learned not to take it literally. Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 from another galaxy? Is the Apple iPhone a "me only" phone? Is the ASUS Zenbook Phil Jackson's laptop of choice? Nope, nope, and nope.

Sometimes, though, we still think that the name/tag/label should have something to do with what the device can do (especially if it doesn't come with a name as absurd as those on this pun-tastic list). So, when we got to play with the Starmobile Turbo, we assumed that it has some nice performance speeds to boast of. "Turbo eh, baka mabilis," we initially quipped.

starmobile turbo review

So, were we right?

Oh yes, it's a legit speedster! We ran several simple time tests pitting a fresh edition of the handset and an older, 2013 edition Android smartphone doing the same basic mobile stuff. Below are the results we got!

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Note: We used a brand new Starmobile Turbo for these tests and an older handset with similar specs (quad-core processor, 1GB RAM). Results might change if the device already has some mobile mileage on it.


starmobile turbo review

As mentioned, we used a fresh-from-the-factory specimen, and we were surprised at how long (or short) booting up took. Truth be told, we wish our work phones were this fast!

  • Starmobile Turbo: 5.5 seconds
  • Our older, unnamed smartphone: 10 seconds


starmobile turbo review

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Okay, a big part of this is dependent on your service provider's speeds, but the speed at how fast the Turbo loads the browser app is already quite impressive. Heck, we didn't have to take a coffee break to witness August FHM 100% Hottie Kookai Sarmiento in all her curvy, morena glory.

For this test, we used a 2Mbps connections speed:

  • Starmobile Turbo: 7 seconds
  • Our older, unnamed smartphone: 9 seconds

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