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FREE GAME ALERT: MOBA Game Strife Enters Open Beta Phase In The Philippines!

Level Up! Games brings us <em>Strife</em>, a new MOBA game that's now on its open beta phase in the Philippines!
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 29, 2014
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The guys that got the Philippines into online gaming with Ragnarok Online are back at it again!

Level Up! Games recently held a press launch for Strife, which now enters its open beta phase in the country. A second-generation MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game, this title from U.S. developers, S2, reexamines the MOBA foundations built by ultra-popular games DOTA and Heroes Of Newerth, and then comes up with a fresh new product that's designed to be much easier to get into.

As explained by Jake San Diego, general manager of Level Up! Games Inc., some MOBA games have gotten so intensely competitive and ferociously unfriendly that only the most extreme of gamers can enjoy it. One of Strife's biggest selling points is that it re-opens the genre to players of all skill levels.

Likening Strife to basketball, the game's less rigid mechanics compared to other similar titles allow for a more welcoming playing field: Strife can feel like a fun, casual game of beinte-uno but can also become a serious inter-barangay finals match, thanks to its depth. It's designed to be a collaborative, engaging, enjoyable team PvP game through game mechanics suitable for new and veteran MOBA players.

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What mechanics are these? Below is a quick rundown!

1)   New gold sharing system

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