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11 Signs You're Hopelessly Hooked On Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush addicts, taas ang kamay!
by Neps Firmalan | May 28, 2013
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News flash: Candy Crush Saga has now surpassed the birdies and piggies of Angry Birds to become the world's most popular game. The sweet-crushin' time-waster is so goddamn sikat that there are over 15 freakin' million peeps who play it daily on Facebook!

The game's meteoric rise to the top is nothing short of phenomenal, and with this in our coconuts, we ask y'all: adik na ba kayo sa Candy Crush? We give you 11 tell-tale signs the answer might be yes.  For players, this could show if you've earned a ticket to an intervention. For non-players, think of this as a reminder that we can be hooked on just about anything, even cute virtual candies.

1. You always think of the words "sweet," "tasty," and "delicious" in a deep, almost creepy tone.

Lourd de Veyra telling it as it is

In Candy Crush Saga, the basic goal is to eliminate candies by matching at least three of the same kind in one row. Constantly doing so will cause the game to blurt out the words sweet, tasty, and delicious in a deep tone. Hearing these said over and over again means one thing: you're on a roll, bud! And if you're one who plays everyday, chances are these three words will still be ringing in your head even when you're on a break, tempting you to pick up that mobile device and give those sweets a blastin'.

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2. You've created different Facebook identities

To play Candy Crush Saga, you need credits called lives. When you start the game, you're given five and every time you fail a level, you lose one. The good news is, you'll be replenished with one life automatically by the game every 30 minutes. However, for hardcore players, this ain't enough, and they've deviced a few ways to get their fix despite this limitation. One such "workaround" is to create multiple accounts in Facebook, each one connected to the game separately giving users a new set of lives. If you're one of those who hold multiple identities for the sake of playing the game, we've got bad news: you're addicted like Winnie the Pooh on honey.

3. You're beginning to hate jelly and chocolate

11 signs you're a candy crush addict fhm

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Jellies and chocolate are two of the popular obstacles in Candy Crush. If you want to walk up the level ladder, you have to get rid of 'em. Easier said than done, though, and it can be a really frustrating deal. If you're one who's already hopelessly addicted, your badtrip vibe might spill over to the real world, leading you to cast a dagger look whenever you see a box of Toblerone or Gulaman in the grocery.

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