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16 Pinoy '90s Kids Share Their Favorite Super Mario Moments

The game that saved gaming in the '80s, <em>Super Mario Bros</em>., just celebrated its 30th Anniversary. Here, Pinoy gamers look back at their fondest memories from the legendary series. What's yours?
by Karen de Vera | Sep 22, 2015
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Super Mario Bros. celebrated its 30th anniversary last September 13.

We couldn't believe it either. We can't believe that it's been 30 years since we grabbed that first growth-enhancing mushroom; since we got hoodwinked many times over by that mushroom guy, Toad, who told us that the princess was in another castle; since we flattened our first goomba. Oh, the memories. Since then, our mustachioed plumber has jumped onto a countless number of games, remaining comfortably entrenched in many gamers' hearts in spite of the rise of other sleeker, sexier videogame heroes.

Suffice to say, Super Mario has touched us one way (not in that way, you perv) or another. So to celebrate Mario’s 30th anniversary, we asked gamers from all walks of life to share their fondest memories of this video game.

1)   Tzi (30, Graphic designer)

 “My brother and I are both gamers, but we almost never play together. The only times were when we played Street Fighter and Resident Evil 5 co-op. So the fact that we teamed-up all those years ago for Super Mario 3 means a lot to me. We woke up one Saturday and just went on a Super Mario 3 marathon. We finished close to midnight already. And for a five-year-old kid back then, that was already really late. But when the ending sequence started, it all felt sooo worth it.”

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2)   Mar (29, Art director)

“Jumping on top of the flag to get the 1up.”

3)   Tessa (26, Sales associate)

“When my aunt got a Wii, the first game it came with was Super Mario Galaxy, I think. I had so much fun on it ’cause I was able to make it through several worlds without much problem. I wanted to experience old school games though, so I downloaded the first Super Mario onto my 3DS and started playing. The very first enemy I encountered banged into me, and killed me. I started crying and laughing so hard and from then on began my reputation as a terrible Mario player.”

For the first-timer, this is the game's scariest moment.

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   Jay (32, Entrepreneur)

“As a kid, I remember struggling to master flying with the cape in Super Mario World for the SNES. It took me a while but I finally managed to go through an entire level without Mario's feet ever touching the ground. Completely unnecessary but I still felt a sense of accomplishment.”

If you like coins, then you'll like flying.

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   Billy (29, Radio DJ)

“My favorite moment from Super Mario Bros. would be any encounter with Bowser where you're knocked down to normal Mario (or Luigi). It's a test of patience and timing.”

6)   Robert (Age 42, Graphic artist)

“I love Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo console. It gave me a reason to hang out with my friend who owned it. He would say it was the most 'sulit' game he ever had, with so many "worlds" to conquer. And this is coming from a place and time where the next best thing was Galaga, and where the only challenge was that your enemies went faster. With Super Mario, you knew you had to rescue the princess in the end. It was the first game that gave me some kind of closure.

At least after you've seen this screen seven times.

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Years later, Mario just became an everyday mascot to me, until my then girlfriend—now wife—introduced me to the Nintendo DS's Mario Kart. It was the only Mario game I've played with others—basically my first Mario multiplayer. I loved it because it was one of the rare gamer-related things I shared with my wife. It gave me a certain sense of rivalry with her and a challenge I haven’t felt since the first time I played my first Super Mario years ago. Of course she'd always beat the crap out of me in every Mario Kart race, but it did give us a unique bonding moment and memory to cherish.”

7)   Jewel (32, Software test manager)

“We didn't have any consoles at home so I had to go to our neighbor's house to play. We played Super Mario Bros., and it was then that I discovered that I love video games.

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8)   Pathra (27, Model/Graphic designer)

“A few years back, they made New Super Mario Bros Wii where you have four people playing a Mario level all at the same time. As you'd expect, things just get so crazy and wild because there are too many of you trying to survive— especially that stage where there’s a big fish in the water that jumps and chases all four of you. It’s really funny!”

Those hammer-throwing bros are hard to overcome whether
you're playing on your own or with three other players.

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9)   Louie (Business analyst)

Super Mario World is my favorite. There’s nothing quite like flying using Caped Mario!”

10)   Miguel (26, Creative producer for a video game publisher)

“My favorite Super Mario moment would have to be getting the wing cap for the first time in Super Mario 64. I would spend hours just flying around in the 'Bob-omb Battlefield' just to experience the flight mechanics. Come to think of it, I spent so much time flying around that I would often forget to pee. I was eventually hospitalized due to bladder problems.”

These sentient pink explosives are as dangerous
to Mario as they are to your bladder.

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11)   Iso (26, Painter)

“Something that still makes me giddy today is when, as a kid, I had learned I could fly while riding Yoshi in Super Mario World.”

12)   Karen (27, Editor)

“My fondest memory is Super Mario 64's 'Penguin Slide Race' because it was one of the more nerve-wracking challenges in the game. (Curse that race!) It was one of the first video games that captured my prolonged interest as a child. I was a sheltered child and it was my form of escapism. I wanted to live in that whimsical, nonsensical world of plumbers, flying turtles, and 1UP mushrooms. I’ve played most of the titles—from the old school sidescroller to the more sophisticated 3D enviroment. Even now as an adult, whenever I’m late for work, the 'Time’s Running Out' theme song from the original Mario plays in my head.”

13)   Dustin (31, Copywriter)

“My favorite Mario moment has always been the unintentional discovery of secret passages. There are beanstalks, pipes, and secret tunnels. I guess it encouraged me, as a kid, to explore; that the path in front of you is not the only path you can take to achieve your goals. Also, the game taught me resilience. I'd play Mario until I could hear his death sounds in my sleep. The game taught me that failure is part of the process, and as long as you keep trying, you'll be good enough to reach the flagpole.”

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Another life lesson: It taught us how to count backwards.

14)   Earle (27, Performer/Educator)

“I remember playing Super Mario on our family computer! It was the first video game I ever played. It was one of those things that brought our family together; I loved it, my older brother loved it, and my mom even played it. In fact she was the one who taught us to play! Mario will always have a special place in my heart, it'll never grow old, It will never be overtaken by any other game. It sparked my imagination, and up until now taps into my inner child. Hearing its iconic music always makes me smile!”

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15)   Dre (28, CEO)

“My favorite memory is playing Super Mario Bros. then getting the theme song stuck in my head for days.”

16) Chuchie (28, Makeup artist)

“The most memorable one was when I had to blow air into the cartridge to get the game going smoothly. Ultimate fave part of the game's whenever Mario gets the star and he's indestructible for a few seconds. I love the entire idea of Super Mario and makes me miss the days when everything were a little less complicated."

Here, let this photo remind you of your awesome childhood.

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