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Aug 26, 2014
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FHM Nation, we don't mean to scare you, but have you also felt a bit gloomy and apocalyptic these past few days?

Typhoon Glenda wreaked havoc just last month, a major 6.0-magnitude earthquake hit California two days ago, suicides (and attempted suicides), cars falling out of the sky and of course, the non-stop rains and baha we've been experiencing lately.

Not exactly the kind of time for this Pharrell song:

Video via iamOTHER on YouTube

But of course, things like these happen—more so now that we're in the monsoon season. You could say "Sanay na ako riyan!" but this is no reason to slack off. Hey, God forbid, the next Ondoy could be just around the corner.

As always, it pays to be prepared, and good ol' tech can be relied on to lend a helping hand. As such, we rounded up several "must-have" gizmos when Mother Nature decides to flash her middle finger again. Check 'em out below!


gadgets for disasters
Image via Fenixlighting.com

You could never go wrong with a flashlight. You could use it to search for stuff when your house becomes a giant lost and found bin. And its value skyrockets when a natural disaster strikes. Since we're betting you'll be off the grid, a flashlight will function as both a literal and figurative light in the darkness.

Pro tip: When not in use, remove batteries from the flashlight as leaving it in there can cause metallic damage (e.g. corrosion) that can render the device useless in the long run. Speaking of batteries...


gadgets for disasters
Image via Lerablog.com

Batteries never go out of style, and for good reason. These little power producers will run your important gadgets when a blackout suddenly happens. So it's always nice to have spares at the ready because you never know when sh*t will happen.

How many spares should I store: The more the better, but a good number is at least twice the total of batteries you need for the gadgets you foresee using during an emergency. For example, if you think you'll need three flashlights which require two batteries each, store twelve batteries. Also, be mindful of the battery types (e.g. AA, AAA, 9-volt) your gadgets need.


gadgets for disasters
Image via Ccrane.com

We know you have it somewhere in your bodega, so go get it after you read this. Chances are you'll also be cut off from major communication lines when the power fails during a disaster, and here's where a standby radio station comes in handy: it will provide you the deets on what the hell is going on.


Where to store: It will make things easier for you if you keep the radio where it will be easily found and retrieved. We're thinking in the sala or the bedroom, but not inside a forgotten cabinet in your dusty attic or basement. Also, be sure to cover it up with something and keep it away from moisture because liquids can sure eff it up.

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