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Aug 20, 2014
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Hey, bro Dong Nguyen, why do you keep on doing this?

As if Flappy Birds wasn't enough, you went ahead and created another super-duper-mega hard game that will potentially have us throwing our phones again in utter frustration! And here we thought you didn't want attention!

You confuse us dude, you really do.

Ladies and gents, welcome another game that has the potential to make you say "Put*****, kup** 'tong laro na 'to" like you never learned GMRC in grade school: Swing Copters!

swing copters

Created by Mr. Nguyen who, as we all know, was also behind the insanely-hard-bordering-on-cruel Flappy Birds, Swing Copters is a vertically-oriented game starring no other than a guy with a goddamn propeller.

The goal reads familiar: Score points everytime you pass a hurdle by tapping like crazy on the screen. This time around however, instead of green pipes akin to the ones in Super Mario, you have what looks to be white swinging cartoon-y obstacles to avoid. Yep, they swing, making timing super important and the game that much harder. Dafuq, right?

Check out the teaser video:

Video via TouchArcade on YouTube

Based on what we saw, this new game has a couple more similarities with Flappy Birds aside from the hard-as-heck gameplay. First, the graphics are the same pixelated mess have the same basic look. Also, the opening and ending frames are pinagbiyak na bunga.

swing copters

swing copters

Now before you try your luck at the game, we'll have you know that it's not yet available. You wouldn't have to wait long though, as its set to be released for download for iOS and Android devices starting tomorrow, August 21. But the question is, do you really want another stress-inducing game on your mobile? #WarningLang #YouKnowYouWantIt