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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

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| Jun 1, 2006
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More than a year after the PSP’s launch, a lot of owners have been hankering for a game that really takes advantage of the hardware. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is currently the PSP’s greatest shining moment. The graphics aren’t watered down PS2 visuals, they’re the best yet seen on a portable. They’re even better than what you’d normally see on a PS2. The controls are perfect despite the lack of dual analog thumbsticks. As super spy Gabe Logan, you’ll be tasked with a gamut of spy duties like hacking, sneaking, and of course sneaking. From the cinema aesthetic to the in-game action, Dark Mirror does it so well and the goodness even extends to multiplayer.


- Increase your number of your sniper’s darts up to tenfold by acquiring enough kills with the darts you have to fill up to 100 percent in your career rating place.

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- Unlock an AK-47 in the Mission Mode by completing the “headshots” goal in Mission 6-1.

- Unlock a kickass rocket launcher for use in Mission Mode by shooting all the small warheads in Mission 4-3. Kablam!

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