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TAG Heuer has an Android phone wrapped in carbon fiber

Looks like a race car
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 13, 2012
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Thanks to Android, everyone can now get on the smartphone bandwagon. Except for some, it's not a bandwagon so much as a race car. Watchmaker TAG Heuer has taken the wraps of a smartphone called Racer (creative name, would have never guessed it) and it literally looks like, well, a mini race car.

There's not a lot of details to be revealed yet and the company has set up a the sign-up sheet (above) on its website for anyone who might want to get updates on the phone, but CNET reports that the case is made of carbon fiber and titanium, uses a 3D interface, powered by a high-speed processor that is yet to be named and is based on Android.

We're from the less-is-more school of thought, and we don't really understand why it has to be shaped like a car, probably just to set it apart from other smartphones out there. Hey, at least it isn't inspired by a watch. We can't imagine how bizarre having a disc-looking phone would be. 

But if you're one of the few who can afford to spend on an exclusive smartphone (like Bruce Wayne. Come to think of it, it kind of looks like a Batmobile. Hmm...) then mosey along to the video below. Let us know in the comments if it's on your must-see Android smartphones of the year list.

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