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Tech Bling: 11 Outrageously Expensive Gadgets

Reserved for the filthiest of the filthy rich
by Neps Firmalan | May 14, 2013
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So you think that P30K-plus smartphone of yours is expensive, eh? Think again, bro!

Tech offers different goodies at different prices, from the pang-masa and the mid-rangers to the truly pricey. But what we're about to show you belongs to an entirely different stratosphere in terms of sheer ability of making your bank accounts bleed.

Here they are, 11 of the most outrageously expensive gadgets that will make the iPhone 5 look like a tiangge offering. Seriously, these are exorbitantly priced chunks of metal made only for the filthiest of the filthy rich.

Ilabas na ang mga calcu!

1. Stax SR-009 Earspeakers

most expensive gadgets stax sr-009

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Price: $5,250 (about P216,400)

Why it's so goddamn expensive: The SR-009 boasts top-notch audio tech, which includes a multi-layer diaphragm, an electrostatic sound drive, and a huge frequency response range of 5 to 42,000 hertz, all of these help produce a very flexible and realistic sound experience. That and having ultra-comfy leather ear pads and aluminum casing, which makes this cans one heck of a premium device.

Equivalent to: 72 average headphones at P3,000 each

2. Kohler Numi Toilet

most expensive gadgets numi toliet

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Price: $6,400 (about P264,000)

Why it's so goddamn expensive: The pinnacle of toilet tech, the Kohler Numi lets you poop in style and ultimate comfort with its advanced features, from a touch-enabled remote control and integrated air dryer to a built-in deodorizer and motion-activated lid and seat.

Equivalent to: Over 17 toilet seat bowls plus installation at P15,000 each

3. Vertu Constellation smartphone

most expensive gadgets vertu
: $13,800 (about P570,000)

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Why it's so goddamn expensive: Forget the standards (e.g. touchscreen, apps, calls and text, dual cameras); the Vertu Constellation brings mobile extravagance with its polished stainless steel frame, diamond trim, and your choice of alligator skin or top-notch leather.

Equivalent to: 38 mid-range smartphones at P15,000 each

4. Hasselblad H4D-60

most expensive gadgets hasselblad

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Price: $32,995 (about P1,360,000)

Why it's so goddamn expensive: Making other DSLRs seem cheap, the H4D-60 sports an extra-large image sensor and the latest in lens performance that enables it to produce some of the best commercial photos...for a price that will make you look far from photogenic when you see it.

Equivalent to: 34 entry-level DSLRs at P40,000 each

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