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5 Of The Most Famous Tech Flops Of 2016

Despite all the advances, there was still room for a few bloopers
by Tanya Umali | Nov 28, 2016
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Though this year has been triumphant one for the tech world, admittedly there were also a few failures that made it to the headlines. Some devices blew up, negative criticism plagued a few, and sales went down for others. 

Despite the many failures, tech experts are still continuing to innovate and improve. Learning from their mistakes is the first step to be able to produce future gadgets and tech services that go above and beyond the what is expected. 

We've rounded up a few of these tech flops that kept the digital industry talking for weeks on end. Surprisingly, most of these failures came from very popular brands such as Apple and Samsung.

1) Missing headphone jack

Last September, Apple launched their new iPhone line with the introduction of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Though there were many awesome features included in the Apple device, not a lot of people took it so well due to the absence of the famous 3.5mm headphone jack. Though Apple reasoned out that it is an innovation rather than a loss and even offered to sell wireless earphones and include a dongle with the handset, people still weren't too impressed as consumers weren't ready to let go of their wired earphones. Plus, the thought of losing expensive wireless earbuds was not well received by the public. 

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2) Exploding phones

Yes, we mean Samsung's Note 7 device. It was going well for the popular smartphone manufacturer until news broke out that a newly purchased Note 7 handset exploded while the owner was using it. One account would be easy to patch up, but then other devices started exploding as well. Things eventually got out of hand that Samsung pulled the plug on the Note 7 production. They even had to recall the already purchased smartphones, which obviously cost them millions of cash and customer loss. 

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3) Falling drones

GoPro fans were excited when the company announced the release of its first drone, which they called the Karma. For $1,100 or around P55,000, you could already own a brand new GoPro Hero 5 camera, a grip stabilizer, and a backpack. It was well received by GoPro fans until people started uploading videos of falling Karma drones that were losing power mid-flight. GoPro later recalled the drones just two weeks after its release. 

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Here's one video of a falling GoPro Karma:


4) Facebook declares people dead

Some Facebook users all around the globe and their relatives might have been alarmed when the social media site declared random users as deceased. Even the company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, was pronounced as dead along with 2 million other Facebook users. Of course, it was a glitch in their system. 

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5) Crashing autopilot cars

Tesla has been on every tech website's headlines for the past year as it plans to revolutionize electric cars and even wipe out non-electric ones by 2020. The plan is so ambitious that Tesla started to test out these vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, one of the cars collided with a tractor causing doubts on whether self-driving cars should be a thing or not. The company still has plenty of time to do tests and correct their mistakes in order to meet their 2020 target. 

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