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8 Tech Myths That Almost Had Us Fooled

For example: Your laptop is bad for your balls!
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 8, 2013
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It's quite pleasing and reassuring to have a pal bestow you a tech-related tip for your gadgets. The problem is that supposedly good nugget of wisdom might just be full of hot air. In other words, baka kalokohan lang. But what makes things worse is the fact that many of these tips are being accepted as truth by gullible noobs and even seasoned users.

So, wag magpauto! Do a bit of research first, dudes and dudettes, and avoid being fooled by these so-called facts, like the ones we have below...

Myth #1: More megapixels = Better images

What you've heard:
A camera that has more megapixels will deliver better pictures than one that has lesser megapixels.

The truth: Not necessarily. Fact is, the megapixel race is overrated. Sure, gadget tinderas will boast how their devices are better just because they have more MPs, but don't be fooled. A cam's lens and image sensor are way more important. To put things into perspective, a solid 12-megapixel camera with quality hardware can be as good or even better than a 14-megapixel shooter. As long as you're not trying to blow up images to gargantuan sizes, the megapixel count doesn't really matter that much.

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Myth #2: Putting a notebook on your lap will make you sterile

What you've heard: Your sperm is in danger! Don't put your lappie on your lap (or anywhere near your junk, for that matter) kasi baka mabaog ka. Scary shit!

The truth: We can its roots to a research that said that Wi-Fi radiation from your laptop can damage sperm cells. However, this has already been debunked by doctors, who said that the study wasn't conducted in a real-world setting and isn't really relevant in normal, everyday situations. However, since laptops can produce significant amounts of heat, we recommend not going commando while using the device on your thighs. Or, better yet, get one of  these.

Myth #3: Wait for 15 seconds before rebooting your PC

What you've heard: If you plan to reboot your PC, wait no less than 15 seconds or risk damaging it.

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The truth: This myth is related to your rig's hard drive, which must stop spinning first before reboot. This normally takes as little as five seconds, so three times that might be a bit too long. However, following this myth probably won't do your PC any harm.

Myth #4: Macs are immune to viruses

What you've heard:
Own a Mac; it doesn't get any viruses! Ha! Take that, PC users!

The turth: Macs DO get viruses, although the number that infects them is lower than those that can eff up Windows-based PCs. Still, this is no reason for Apple users to sit pretty and laugh at PC patrons. Don't ignore your geeky friend's advice to install an antivirus software, lest you want to be victims of another virus outbreak—like this massive one that spread in 2011.

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