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Tech Tsismis: Next Google Nexus Phone Will Be Hella Cheap!

How cheap? You'll be pleasantly surprised!          
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 23, 2014
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Attention, Android fanboys! According to tech tsismis, the next Google Nexus phone is going to be hella cheap!

How cheap, you ask? Buzz has it that it's going to cost below $100 (or less than P4,400). Sweet!

nexus 6 rumorDon't be too excited, geeks. This is just a concept image
Image credit: Rishi Ramesh/

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For the uninitiated, the Nexus is a line of Android devices designed and managed by Google. The first Google Nexus product came out in 2010, and since then at least one has been released each year. However, hebigat third-party manufacturers like LG and ASUS take care of the hardware side, building the gadget with the Big G’s supervision. This is the reasons why Nexus-branded handsets (like the Nexus 5) are also called Google phones.

The upcoming Nexus phone's $100 price tag is certainly a pleasant surprise. You see, its predecessors are not exactly tipid offerings. The 2013 quad-core Nexus 5 came out with a hefty P22,500 SRP. So having the next one at just a fraction of the price is a WIN for our wallets!

nexus 6 rumor
Here's the Nexus 5. We're hoping its successor will look as pogi

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There’s potentially one big drawback though. Reports say the cheaper price tag means the device won’t be a flagship model, so prepare to say goodbye to best-in-class specs like octa-core processors and 4K video-recording cameras.

Rather, the next Nexus phone will be aimed at the entry-level and mid-range markets. Google’s still keeping mum on the official specs though, but we're guessing it will have at least a dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM—still not bad for its price tag.

Now of course, this is still a rumor, so take these all with a grain of salt. Hey Google, make it happen!


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